One year after the official launch of the brand, ping pang paris is back and presents “ping pong like you've never seen it before”, a tribute to the rather incredible culture of ping pong.With distinguished guests such as Léo Rossi, rising star of French badminton, Kemar, the successful comedian or even Lozea Vilarino, talented rhythmic gymnast who has just returned from the world championships in Japan. But also a sound composed exclusively by Bravinsan, the nugget of the Thylacine label: the show is clearly there. 
Directed by Quentin Pradelle 
Management by Benjamin Brossier Actors: Marc Jarousseau, Leo Rossi, Lozea Vilarino, Fosco Perinti, Hamidou Sow, Antoine Groun, Melvine, Audrey Zarif, Alexandre Robinot.
Video produced by Amaro and Nic Shake.
Original Music by Bravinsan.

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